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How Did Mindfulness Change Anderson Cooper’s Life?

After my recent posts on mindfulness and emotional control, several clients approached me with questions. They all mentioned their anxiety and high stress during the day. They wanted to know if meditation would actually help. "Is it something I should do?" they asked with all sincerity. I will let someone much more qualified than me [...]

Do I Need to Meditate? Why You Might Want to Think About It

Do I Need to Meditate? "I don't know if I need to meditate. To not think - I don't know too many people who can do that. And I don't even know that I want to not freakin' think." This quote came from someone I deeply respect. You would know his name if I shared [...]

What Spills Out When Your Cup Gets Bumped?

In college I had a mentor and influential leader ask me the question, "What happens when your cup gets bumped? What spills out?" She wanted to know what happens when something stresses me. How do I respond? When My Cup Gets Bumped I had the chance to see some of the ugliness afresh during a [...]

How To Start Meditating

At the end of a recent personal training session, one of my clients confessed he had no idea how to start meditating. I felt the exact same way when I started. It doesn't come naturally. And the vague idea of what should happen during meditation makes it even more difficult to start. Actually, I like [...]

Is A Fixed Mindset Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

I recently spoke to a group of sales professionals within a Fortune 50 company. I had worked with several of their sales channels for months. So I knew what challenges faced me. One of my most critical tasks involved shifting their mindset – quickly. The corporate jargon used by the company had created an unfortunate [...]

Stopping This One Habit Could Double Your Productivity

One out of every four Americans follows the news in the morning. Even more choose to follow the news throughout the day. So what value does it bring? Very little according the science. And it actually delivers some harmful unintended consequences. The Negative Effect of News Negative news can trigger the limbic system. The body [...]

Meditation and Personal Performance

The amount of science now confirming the physiological effects within the brain from meditation should give you pause (pun intended). The connection with mysticism, religion, and new age have scared off Westerners for a long time - myself included. A few early pioneers existed, like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of [...]

10 Tips To Start Meditating

The hardest part is the start. Once you've begun an activity, Newton's first law provides the momentum to keep going. With that aim, here's some practical help to start meditating and experience the benefit of emotional and mental control. 10 Tips to Start Meditating Start small If you haven't practiced meditation, don't try to do [...]

Would You Do This To Permanently Change Your Brain?

Lasting improvements in the physiology of the brain often take intense focus, discomfort, and high repetition. We have Dr. Michael Merzenich, the father of brain plasticity, to thank for teaching us this. Now, expanding research on meditation is showing how a little effort everyday can have a lasting impact. The Amygdala and Brain Plasticity Scientific [...]

What’s the Biggest Ingredient in this Billionaire’s Success? (Hint: You can have it too.)

Ray Dalio, head of the world's largest hedge fund firm, explained his secret in a recent interview. “I just want to be clear. Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had, " he explained. That's a strong statement coming from a billionaire. Meditation Creativity,  health, emotional control, [...]