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This could become your last health resolution. It’s a clarion call to a simplified way of living. You won’t find any diets, fads, or unfounded formulas. I do hope you’ll encounter a daily process of self-examination and renewal, of deeper understanding and invigorated resolve. Join with me as you discover a new lifestyle model.

Your Last Health Resolution: What Has To Change?

Day 31 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” Your physical health isn't the most important thing in your life.    As much passion as I have for fitness and wellness, they won't serve you well as your number one priority.  But if they don't have any significant focus in your life, your other priorities [...]

Top Three Criteria For Choosing a Multivitamin

Day 30 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” We've finally arrived at supplementation, the last Essential Element in the PRIMEpathway wellness protocol.  My research on this topic knows no end.  The amount of studies, testing, ingredient specifications, and upper daily limits can cause my head to swim.  The dizzying amount of often confusing information [...]

Essentials of Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

Day 29 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution”   With three days remaining in my series, my wife and I needed to connect.  She's in the midst of her own 31-day series on "Resurrected Dreams", as well as launching a new stationery line and children's clothing line.  She's designing and sewing the line herself.  [...]

Death by Dehydration: How Much Water Do You Need?

Day 28 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” Henry White, a 21-year-old junior, played basketball for Grambling State University.  According to those around him, White was "in tremendous shape".  At 6'6" White looked the part of a college athlete.  But the morning of August 26, 2009 would push his body to the limit. White [...]

Sunshine Helps Prevent Cancer? How Much Do You Need?

Day 27 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” This is our final week in this series.  We now move from Mind-Body Connection to the final element in the PRIMEpathway wellness model:  Essential Elements.  We'll discuss sunshine, water, air and micronutrients.  We start with sunshine.  And we sure do need it up here in Minnesota. [...]

Make Your Bed, Ditch Your Email, And Change Your Life

Day 26 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” Make Your Bed This particularly topic might seem humorous if the research wasn't so compelling.  Have you ever really considered how making your bed could impact your life?   A survey of 68,000 people revealed some interesting correlations.  59% of people don't make their beds.  Not [...]

Mind Over Matter: How To Change Your Mind and Optimize Your Health

Day 25 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution" How do you change your mind to optimize your health?  Your mental state can have a direct affect on your risk for disease.  This Harvard School of Public Health report shows just one affect: “Negative emotions are only one-half of the equation,” says Laura Kubzansky, HSPH [...]

Mind Over Matter: Can Your Thoughts Actually Prevent Disease?

Day 24 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” Richard Davidson's colleagues call him the "king of happiness research."  The professor or psychology at the University of Wisconsin has dedicated decades to trying to understand the essence of bliss and the effects on the body. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National [...]

How Prayer Can Extend Your Life

Day 23 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution”   I've studied a lot of research pertaining to longevity.  And researchers have discovered much in the past 15 years.  Perhaps the most compelling study of longevity involves the world's largest concentration of centenarians (people living over 100 years) in Okinawa, Japan.   Dr. Bradley Willcox, [...]

How Your Friends Affect Your Weight and Happiness

Day 22 of 31-Day Series “Your Last Health Resolution” Today we move from our discussion of Intake to the fourth element of the PRIMEpathway™ wellness model: Mind-Body Connection. Tom Rath and Jim Harter published some interesting findings in their book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.  A Harvard study collected research from a network of 12,000 [...]