How to Crush Your Weight Loss Plateau and Make Gains

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT Have you ever hit a wall in your workouts and stopped seeing progress - a weight loss plateau or no strength gains? If not, email me your secret. If so, what do you do when that precious momentum grinds to a halt? For me, I dig into my bag [...]

Which type of cardio burns fat fast?

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT What cardio burns fat fast and effectively? I could spend hours lifting weights, but put me on a treadmill, and three minutes feels like standing on hot coals while fire ants devour my legs! Dramatic, I know. Am I the only one who *hates* cardio? I didn’t think so. [...]

Can improving poor posture enhance your cognition?

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. “ - Morihei Ueshiba Few things can so readily signal ill health as poor posture - rounded shoulders, a rounding of the back, a shortened gait, or a slight pelvic tilt can spawn a host of negative side [...]