Protein Pancakes Recipe

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT Protein Pancakes I get some inexplicable joy from eating protein pancakes every morning. Maybe it’s the toppings, or perhaps knowing they are packed full of protein and healthy carbs for my upcoming workout. Whatever the reason, pancakes for breakfast (or, you know, all day) are one reason I get [...]

How to Crush Your Weight Loss Plateau and Make Gains

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT Have you ever hit a wall in your workouts and stopped seeing progress - a weight loss plateau or no strength gains? If not, email me your secret. If so, what do you do when that precious momentum grinds to a halt? For me, I dig into my bag [...]

Stop Sugar Cravings and This Toxic Effect

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT You may already know sugar does some bad, bad things to our bodies. We can blame our sugar cravings for: Insulin resistance (indicted in the development of many diseases, including Type II Diabetes) Tooth decay Visceral fat storage (the dangerous fat surrounding our internal organs) The national obesity epidemic [...]

Which type of cardio burns fat fast?

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT What cardio burns fat fast and effectively? I could spend hours lifting weights, but put me on a treadmill, and three minutes feels like standing on hot coals while fire ants devour my legs! Dramatic, I know. Am I the only one who *hates* cardio? I didn’t think so. [...]

Low Carb Tortilla Recipe – perfect for wraps and dips

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT Low Carb Tortilla Recipe I love Mediterranean food: hummus, tabouli, fattoush, fried kibbee, baba ganoush. You name it, I love it! I could easily sit down with a bag of pita bread and polish off a whole sample platter, all on my own. Last night, my husband brought home [...]

Can improving poor posture enhance your cognition?

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. “ - Morihei Ueshiba Few things can so readily signal ill health as poor posture - rounded shoulders, a rounding of the back, a shortened gait, or a slight pelvic tilt can spawn a host of negative side [...]

Your Body Doesn’t Need Carbohydrates?

post by Amy Tulip, NASM CPT "Abs are made in the gym and exposed in the kitchen." Ever heard that platitude? Bodybuilders and physique competitors know this all too well. Sounds simple enough: work out hard and eat clean. But what does eating clean mean? What role do macronutrients play? Does your body need carbohydrates? [...]

How Did Mindfulness Change Anderson Cooper’s Life?

After my recent posts on mindfulness and emotional control, several clients approached me with questions. They all mentioned their anxiety and high stress during the day. They wanted to know if meditation would actually help. "Is it something I should do?" they asked with all sincerity. I will let someone much more qualified than me [...]

Do I Need to Meditate? Why You Might Want to Think About It

Do I Need to Meditate? "I don't know if I need to meditate. To not think - I don't know too many people who can do that. And I don't even know that I want to not freakin' think." This quote came from someone I deeply respect. You would know his name if I shared [...]

What Spills Out When Your Cup Gets Bumped?

In college I had a mentor and influential leader ask me the question, "What happens when your cup gets bumped? What spills out?" She wanted to know what happens when something stresses me. How do I respond? When My Cup Gets Bumped I had the chance to see some of the ugliness afresh during a [...]